With a multitude of influences ranging from intense drum corps to smooth jazz, Stacy is a drummer with a formally trained background, entering an increasingly informal world. Stacy has expressed passion for drums since a very early age, and over the years, she has developed a style best described as hard hitting with elements of dynamic finesse. Stacy has recording experience, as well as years of stage experience ranging from concert bands to dance recitals to rock shows.


Stacy is trained in runway and print modeling. She has an extensive modeling background in the Detroit and Chicago market, with past clientele including L'Oreal, KMS, and Scwharzkopf. 


In addition to her interest in the arts, Stacy has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Business. She is also proficient in writing, with work featured in various Detroit publications. 

Stacy will bring a professional, well-rounded attitude and strong work ethic to any worthwhile project she is involved in.